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DesignedBuilt's Core Values

  • We “wow” every customer

  • We solve problems, innovate and find a better way

  • We are kind, thankful and respectful

  • We are vigilant about our physical and psychological safety

  • We are agile and entrepreneurial

  • We are curious, inquisitive and always learning

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Greg Slamowitz

Founder & CEO

Greg is a proven entrepreneur and business leader and has extensive experience driving the design and build processes in the quality residential space. Greg is the founder and CEO of DesignedBuilt LLC and its wholly owned subsidiary DesignedBuilt Europe Sp. z o.o.  DesignedBuilt Europe operates a modern production hall in Poland.

Greg lives in Montana and regularly travels to Poland.


Please visit Greg’s website


Jacek Kuropatwinski

Co-Founder & CEO of DesignedBuilt Europe Sp. z o.o.

Jacek is an entrepreneur with strong record of successes and failures that gives him the strength to overcome any obstacles and adversities.

Prior to co-founding DesignedBuilt Jacek spent almost two decades in real-estate development and construction business, including the last seven years in the high-end residential market in NYC.

After spending years working along side on-site construction workers, Jacek has identified off-site construction as a way not only to improve efficiency and quality, but importantly, as a way to improve life quality of construction workers.

Jacek believes that ethics and social responsibility are very important in life and business.  As co-founder of a school and supporter of educational projects for kids and youth, Jacek is happy giving back what he was so lucky to receive.

In our production facility in Poland Jacek is dedicated to implement best available technology in home design and fabrication with full respect to environment and sustainable development.

Jacek's goal is to create the best place to work in entire construction industry.

Jacek lives in Gdansk Poland and regularly travels to the United States.

Design, Architecture and Engineering Team

Fabrication Team


Production Hall Location
DesignedBuilt Europe sp z o.o.
Lubiszynek Drugi 15
82-100 Nowy Dwór Gdański 

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