Custom Wood Doors & Cabinetry

We are crafting high quality, custom wood doors and custom wood cabinetry.  We can finish our doors and cabinets in oak, ash, walnut or reclaimed wood.  Our doors are pre-hung in a custom crafted door frame with German Simonswerk hinges. Option to include Dutch Formani architectural hardware or hardware of your choice.  We can ship our doors and cabinets worldwide from the nearby port of Gdansk, a major international shipping center. 

 Minimum order of 10 doors.  We currently have production capacity.  Reduced pricing for large orders.

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Call our CEO, Greg Slamowitz, directly at +1-646-373-2054

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Our Montana USA based owner, Greg Slamowitz, on one of his frequent trips to our production facility in Poland.

Veronica and Katarina (and their children) are recent refugees from the Ukraine, both of their husbands are in the Ukrainian Army, and they are dedicated, hardworking and skilled woodworkers.  We are proud to have them on our team in our factory in Poland.  We support the people of the Ukraine in their battle against the Russian invaders.

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